The Power of Three

I’m a fan of numbers in multiples of three. Scoops of ice cream. Ticket numbers. Three olives in my martini sounds like perfection. And, who wouldn’t want to be caught in the middle of a ménage with three gorgeous men?

While the boys of Eden are not entwined in a ménage – Elliot would KILL me – they are a shining example of the power of three. As singular entities, they would rock anyone’s world, but combined for the purpose of loving Diesel, they form a masculine cyclone of adoration, raucous wildness, and unbridled passion.

Mike, Bain, and Elliot are very different men who form a impenetrable bond in a short amount of time. They call each other on the carpet when situations get out of control. They support each other during the dark days of Diesel’s absence. They all fight in different ways for the woman they cherish.

Each one possess positives and negatives, but I thought it best to showcase them in the light that I see them. I adore these guys and I don’t think it’s fair to keep them to myself any longer.

Mike Weston

“His sandy blonde hair is the perfect complement to his lightly bronzed skin. To me, he always looks sun-kissed.”

Mike is the calm, steady force, offering love, patience, and above all else, kindness in the kingdom of Eden. Never afraid to make the strong stand, Mike does what’s right in the difficult moments. He truly is the ying to Bain’s yang. He is quiet in his praise, transparent with his desire to heal, open, and loving without pretense or agenda.

His relationship with Diesel was not always easy. In the beginning, she didn’t trust him at all. He nearly suffered bodily harm when she thought he was attempting to violate everything she was trying keeping safe. Their friendship, built over time in moments of strain and triumph, is unbreakable. He will always be her cool surfer boy, her respite against Hurricane Bain.

Bain McAully

“Bain…lives for nothing but food and sex. Bain’s dark brown hair, deep blue eyes, and strong jaw make him a venerable Adonis with pecs and a six-pack that I’ve actually seen women lick on certain evenings.”

I might be completely biased, but I love Bain with a passion I can’t explain. He is wild. He is hedonistic. He is that little voice in my head that eggs me on when I’m about to do something naughty. He is the personification of ‘work hard, play hard.’ Underneath all the craziness, Bain is a man who has tirelessly built the empire he and Diesel share. While he will always bow to her, Bain’s abilities are lovingly showcased by Diesel. They hold each other in reverent light. She understands the man beneath the bravado unlike anyone else, he knows the woman behind the mask.

The history between Bain and Diesel is deep. They have an indestructible bond and will always exist in each other’s world. In time, we will hear the story and understand the foundation on which their relationship was forged. There have been tears. There have been fights. I’m one hundred present sure there will be more of both. Regardless of sorted pasts, or the uncertainty of the future, Diesel and Bain will always be family.

Elliot Archer

“Between his brown hair, those light blue eyes, and that jaw…damn it! And, of course, the accent. This is bad. This is really bad! What’s even worse is he’s got that slightly out of control hair that makes me was to mess it up even more…”

“Elliot Archer is the little bottle that says ‘drink me’ and I’m the fool that gulps it down.”

When Elliot moved to the States from the UK, he hoped for a shift in his career. Instead, he had his world tilted on its axis. Once he enters Eden, his focus quickly shifts from his job to his desire, getting close to Diesel. Steadfast in his goal to break through the defenses she has built, Elliot purses Diesel with reckless abandon. Inside the walls of her kingdom, Diesel holds firm, keeping him at arm’s length until he breaks through the thick shell she has built over many years.

Once Diesel exposes her world outside of Eden, Elliot becomes entranced. While their relationship begins on unconventional ground, Elliot is drawn to Diesel with such ferocity, he is willing to deceive in order to grab precious, private moments with her. Elliot’s calm, urbane exterior, hides the boldly passionate and deeply romantic man willing to fight for the woman he loves.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know my guys! I hope you love them as much as I do!

My next post – up on Sunday (which is Mother’s Day – do you have your card(s) yet?) will be a character interview! I’m jumping into one of the early scenes in the book and chatting with these guys! So much fun!

See you then! <3


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