Out Like A Lamb…

It’s the end of the March and I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday month. Spring is almost here, I was able to meet wonderful readers and authors at the Halos & Horns signing event, and I’ve already heard much anticipation for the next book in The Reign Series, Bound.

Thank you to everyone for their love and excitement around the release of Tied, Book One: The Reign Series. It has been overwhelming and humbling. For your support and energy, I am so very grateful.
We are wrapping up the giveaway at home with a little snippet of Tied and some fun.

Please enter into the giveaway. Part of the joy of celebrating a birthday comes from sharing with friends and loved ones. The theme of this giveaway is A Few of My Favorite Things. Music, beauty finds, books, and a delicious coffee drink are just some of the simple delights that brighten my day. I hope that you will share in the fun.

Just a quick reminder that Tied and Diesel are on sale for .99 each until the 31st. On April 1st both go back to full price – and that’s no joke!

Okay – let the fun begin. Here’s a little taste of Caleb and Reagan. I hope you enjoy. If you do, please share with your friends!


“Okay, everything else seems the same.” Looking over the final pages, he sounds satisfied, and absently asks, “Anything else?”

The glare of a computer screen will never be categorized as good lighting, but when highlighting Caleb’s profile, it’s pretty damn impressive. The strong, angular jaw framing his face has the shading of stubble. His mouth is lush, beautifully sculpted, kissable. When he finally turns to me, I shrug, biting down on my own lip, hesitating to say the words.

“What, Reagan?” He turns, faces me, warm hands placed on the desk inches from mine. “Tell me what you need.”

I run my finger across the smooth grain of the wood on his desk. “Are you going kiss me or don’t you do that?”

“Why would I not kiss you? I had my mouth all over you twenty minutes ago.”

“I didn’t know if kissing was one of your limits.”

“I was going to wait, but if you want that, you can have it.”

I widen my eyes and pop my mouth open in mock surprise and excitement. “Yay for me!”

He snorts a laugh before looking back at the computer. “I’m glad that’s a positive for you.”

“I think it is,” I reply quietly, playing with the line again. “I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to not touch you.”

He considers my statement as he leans back in his chair. “It will be different when you’re restrained. The option of touching me will be removed.”

I nod and look up at him, meeting the molten-chocolate stare of his dark brown eyes. I inhale sharply, the weight of his gaze making it difficult to bring air into my lungs. The time outside of the Room One cooled the heated parts of me until this moment. The distraction of doing work, shifting the focus from getting off to getting down to business put us in a different frame of mind until now. That look ignites the fire started weeks ago, unruly and hungry. I squirm, the wetness between my legs warming, my hips rubbing the edge of the heavy wooden desk.

He leans toward me, still sitting in his chair, wrapping his strong hands around my upper arms. Without so much as a grunt, he pulls me forward, toward him across the expanse of the desk. His physical insistence has me crawling on top of the dark wood, balanced by his grip on my arms. The space closes between our faces, I press my knees back, flattening my belly and thighs on the cool desktop. Propped on my elbows, I look at him through my lashes. I get the distinct impression we are no longer concerned with negotiations. His jaw ticks; his tight grip on me is unmistakable possession. The strong, determined look on his face makes me pliant, like a cat held at the back of her neck. He inches me closer, fingers digging into my flesh. The thought of telling him that I bruise easily is lost, toppled over with the sensation of his mouth kissing my jaw, caressing that soft spot just under my ear. I can be bruised. Pressing my finger into the damaged skin and feeling the ache over the next week will be the reminder of this, of him.

Finding my voice, I moan softly, low tones that make no sense other than relaying the presence of pleasure. He allows me to wrap my hand around his biceps, tense and steely, grappling for purchase as he trails across my collarbone. I attempt to release some of the pressure behind my clit, pressing my hips into the desk. My core hums, calling for the things my mind decided to wait on. Caleb’s body. His form looming over mine. The scratch of his chest hair against my breasts. The grip of his fingers around my thighs pulled wide to accommodate every inch of him. The feel of his cock penetrating the core of my being.

The vision sparks a blinding jolt though my body, pussy clenching, begging for what it can’t have. Caleb’s teeth fall sharply on my neck, my head tilting to give him more access, his name and praise falling off my lips in breathy puffs. As if snapping him out of a trance, he pulls back, wordlessly looking over my face, heavy-lidded, cheeks pink from the exertion of the moment. I have never been so entranced by a single man before. I want to be wanton, to strip, splay myself across this his desk. I want him to take it, me.

In a single powerful movement he stands, lifting me to my knees. My body tilted toward him, shoulders hunched from the pull of his hands still around my arms. A quick shake of my body relaxes the tension, my back relaxing as my rear end comes to rest on my heels. His fingers play a melody on the inside of my arms, pressing in succession, thinking, determining what to do. His face, revealing nothing, hovers over mine. I blink, my eyes caught on the fullness of his lips, licking my own with the hope to taste his mouth.

With a growl, he pulls me toward him, his mouth capturing mine. The possession is not gentle, the grip tightens, his teeth grazing my lip results in a whimper, my hips bucking against nothing. When our tongues taste each other for the first time, the locks come off. He releases my arms, staking his claim on a handful of hair at the back of my neck, his other arm banded across my back. I shift my knees to accommodate his body between my legs, my hands given silent permission to caress the strong abdomen and chest of my Dom, before wrapping my arms around his neck. Our bodies pressed against each other, my hips grinding against his body in the rhythm of our mouths, both of us lost in the moment. It’s naughty, dirty, and everything I’ve been fantasizing about for months.


This weekend I will be chatting up Caleb and Reagan at Release-apalooza with a ton of fabulous authors. Please join us for giveaways and some fabulous new reads.


HUGE thanks and love for all the well wishes and fun this month. You rock!<3


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