Character Inspirations

One of my writing goals for the summer of 2016 is to experiment with blogging. As this is new to me, I am very grateful to have stumbled upon the #LifeBooksWriting blog challenge. Sadly, I’m behind schedule…forgive me! I’ll get back on track. Without any further ado, here we go.

I’m steadily working toward publishing Bound, Book Two of the Reign Series so it only makes sense to write about Kat and Blake. The more I looked at this prompt – Character Inspirations – the more I struggled. I don’t know how to conceptualize how Kat and Blake were inspired. I’ve used Pinterest to capture thoughts, ideas, images, and songs that have reflected pieces of Kat and Blake. If you want to see more of the inspirations, check out my Pinterest board dedicated to Bound.

Kat is bold and brassy. She is the friend you know would have your back in any fight. She’d be your wingman and help you pick out the perfect outfit for a first date. Blake is smooth and sensual. He’s the guy you see from across the bar and immediately start plotting your attempts to get closer to him. I’ve always pictured Joe Manganiello as a physical inspiration for Blake. Kat is different. I’ve always viewed her as any woman tough enough to face her demons, launch her own career and set fire to her love life. She’s a sassy, fun, sexpot. In Bound, Kat has blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m might be a hazel-eyed brunette, but I like to think I possess some of Kat’s fire. So, in my maiden voyage into blogging, I’m going to break the rules. Blame Caleb and Reagan for that one… 😀 Here is some insider stats on Kat and Blake.

Name: Katya Botysov
Nicknames: Kat, Kitten, Doll
Favorite Foods: Anything. She is, after all, the take-out queen!
Favorite Drink: Vodka and the entire Starbucks menu…venti, of course.
Work: Top agent for a marketing firm in Boston, MA.
Family: Kat is very close to her grandmother, Babu. She struggles with her family for a number of reasons too deep to discuss here. I think deep down, Kat longs for the connection to her family but the skeletons in the closet force her to keep her distance. Reagan will always be Kat’s family; they are soul sisters to the end.
Strengths: Kat is smart, bold, brave, funny, and has a sharp tongue.
Weaknesses: She is guarded, has trust issues, struggles with her own self-worth in romantic relationships and at work, and she has a sharp tongue (ha!).

Name: Blake Roman
Nicknames: Blaze, Blaketopher, Stud
Favorites Foods: Blake is a good cook (thank goodness!) and makes an awesome pot of chili.
Favorite Drink: He loves an ice cold beer after a long day.
Work: Blake is a firefighter for the city of Boston and assists Caleb at Reign.
Family: Blake is very connected to his parents and sisters. They fully accept all aspects of Blake’s life, including his friends.
Strengths: Patience, humor, emotional and physical strength.
Weaknesses: Blake will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He wants Kat. He’s bound to get her.

I will leave you with this final thought about my inspiration for Kat and Blake. They are polar opposites of Reagan and Caleb. Where Reagan is centered and calm, Kat will kick down a door. Where Caleb is rational, Blake will push a limit to see how far he can go. It’s been fun to see Caleb and Reagan through Kat and Blake’s eyes. It’s been a roller coaster writing these two… exhilarating and, at times, terrifying.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Kat and Blake.
Have a wonderful weekend!

<3 Piper


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