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Hello everyone!

This year started with a flurry of activity in preparation for the release of Tied, Book One of the Reign Series. The manuscript is currently with my editor and I’m looking forward to her feedback.

I am also pleased to announce that Erin Dameron-Hill created a beautiful image for the Tied cover art. In all honesty, I cried when I saw it! Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming cover reveal!

In the meantime, here is a sneak peek and a rough draft of the blurb for Tied.

Reagan Langley, on the heels of a divorce and losing her parents in a tragic car accident, sets out to explore her deepest sexual desires at Club Reign, a local BDSM club. Reagan meets Caleb Dunn, the club’s owner, who agrees to teach her the art of submission. As Reagan struggles to trust Caleb, he battles the demons of his damaged past. Will Caleb and Reagan relinquish their fears and give into each other, heart, body, soul?

When an act of terror threatens the life Reagan dreams of with Caleb, she makes a decision that alters the course of their lives. Only one caveat hinges on the execution of her plan… Caleb can never know what she has done.

The heartbreak of my past has begun to heal.
After the death of my parents, and a divorce, I struggled in the darkness. Craving a new life, I shed the inhibitions that have sequestered my deepest desires.

I seek an awakening.

The path leads me to Reign and into the hands of BDSM club owner, Caleb Dunn. Despite his reluctance, Caleb agrees to mentor me, quickly becoming a fixture in my life.

He is a beacon illuminating my way…

Struggling to keep our relationship within the walls of Reign, the boundaries blur. The passionate moments weaving through our lives are severed, undermined by his stoicism. Still, despite the wounds created by the ebb and flow of his devotion, I open myself to Caleb, allowing him to push the limits of my mind and body.

…as I reach for the light.

The desire to relinquish myself to him is caged by the fear of his rejection. Can I give him my heart and soul? Will I ever receive the same from him in return?

Whatever the answer, I am on the journey and he is my guide.

To Caleb, I will be forever tied.

Tied is a contemporary, erotic romance novel scheduled to be released mid-March!

What else am I up to?
I’ve decided to upgrade my website, a decision that was made after many hours of surly internal dialogue and a migraine. Some things are best left to the professionals! I’ll keep you posted when the new site is up and running.

For all the Diesel fans out there – I do have projects on deck, and yes, one of them includes Bain. You will hear his voice and learn about the early days of his relationship with Diesel.

Tied will be followed by Bound, Book Two of the Reign Series. A snippet will tease you at the end of Tied. Until then, my lips are sealed. 😉

Lastly, I am so excited to announce I will be at the Halos & Horns signing in New York City on March 21st. This is not only my first author event but it’s in a city I adore and it’s my birthday. Bring on the cake! I hope to see you there!

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