Let’s start the countdown!

The #LifeBooksWriting blog challenge issued a might task this week – post my top five books. Narrowing down a list of my favorite books is like asking me to choose one flavor of ice cream for the rest of my life. It’s impossible! I’m a lover of all books – romance, chick lit, YA, NA,  … Read More

Character Inspirations

One of my writing goals for the summer of 2016 is to experiment with blogging. As this is new to me, I am very grateful to have stumbled upon the #LifeBooksWriting blog challenge. Sadly, I’m behind schedule…forgive me! I’ll get back on track. Without any further ado, here we go. I’m steadily working toward publishing  … Read More

Out Like A Lamb…

It’s the end of the March and I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday month. Spring is almost here, I was able to meet wonderful readers and authors at the Halos & Horns signing event, and I’ve already heard much anticipation for the next book in The Reign Series, Bound. Thank you to everyone  … Read More

Under Construction

February 2015 Hello everyone! This year started with a flurry of activity in preparation for the release of Tied, Book One of the Reign Series. The manuscript is currently with my editor and I’m looking forward to her feedback. I am also pleased to announce that Erin Dameron-Hill created a beautiful image for the Tied  … Read More

Read A Romance Month

August 2014 In the thick of summer lies Read-A-Romance Month. August beckons our celebration of the romance genre and all the ways we hold this crazy, sexy world in the light. When the challenge of writing how I celebrate romance began, the wheels spun, wildly kicking earth all over the place as I grappled to  … Read More

Jumping Into The Fray – My time with the med of Diesel

May 2014 To kick off the limited time SALE of “Diesel,” I wanted to share this little snippet. I’ve jumped into the story to grab some time with Elliot, Bain, and Mike before they get down to brass tacks. I don’t know that I’d call it an interview, it’s more of me picking their brains  … Read More

The Power of Three

May 2014 I’m a fan of numbers in multiples of three. Scoops of ice cream. Ticket numbers. Three olives in my martini sounds like perfection. And, who wouldn’t want to be caught in the middle of a ménage with three gorgeous men? While the boys of Eden are not entwined in a ménage – Elliot  … Read More

The Music of Diesel

March 2014 Letters build words that are molded around sound. Pushed out into the world by the physical effort of the body, it washes over us, binding us to some, separating us from others, soothing our hearts, and dredging up the past. It forces us to move our bodies. It sets a tone. It lets  … Read More

Hello Darlings!

February 2014 Welcome to my first blog post! I wanted to introduce my new novel, Diesel, tell you a little about myself, and gush over some of my favorite book boyfriends and the fabulous authors who have brought them into my life. First, my baby! Diesel is a New Adult romance set in New York  … Read More